G·L Wire

General Introduction: Galvanized steel wire is made of carbon steel zinc plated. The zinc coating offers corrosion resistance, allowing vary varied use for weaving of galvanized wire mesh, galvanized hardware cloth, welded iron wire mesh, chicken netting, etc.  
Galvanized steel wire with hot-dipped zinc coating is used in the following fields:

A. Seawater corrosion resistance alloy coated steel wire:
Standard: Q/JGS001-2001
B. Galvanized low carbon steel wire for armoring cable:0.13-6mm Standard: GB/T 3082-84C. Galvanized steel wire for steel core stranded wire:0.13-3.8mm Standard: GB/T 3428-97D. Galvanized steel wire for stranded wire:0.13-5.5mm Standard: IEC888-(1987)E. Universal low carbons steel wire:

Standard: GB/T 343-1994

Major Specifications of Galvanized Mild Steel Wire as follows:

1:Tensile Wire
Tensile strength 82kg/mm2
Coating Nickel plated
Material: SAE 1008
Gauge :AWG: 20 (0.82 - 0.85 mm)
Packing: coils
Material Packing: PP –polypropylene

2. Glvanized wire with following properties:
Galvanized Wires 2.10mm
Zinc coating min - 200gm/m2
Breaking load of steel wire - 500kg
Length of each bundle -1250mtrs
Packing - plastic + pp bags + pallets

3.Galvanized mild steel wires:

Diameter 3,5 mm and various.
The weight of zinc coating shall not be less than 2 oz./ft2 (610 gr/m2  ) of uncoated wire surface.

4. Hot-dipped galvanized wire with PVC coating, in the following sizes and characteristics:
Inner Diameter    Outside Diameter
  1,9 mm    3 mm
  2,60 mm    4 mm
·  Low carbon to DIN 1548 Tensile Strength (T/S) 40-44kgs/mm2 max 45kgs/mm2
·  Diam. tolerance to DIN 177, zinc coating 70-80gms
·  PVC color RAL 6005 (dark green)
·  Packing: should be in coils of about  600Kgs

5.Galvanized wire for the production of a chain link fence:
150mt 2,65 mm  waxed paper  75-85000 psi
100 mt 3,37mm   waxed paper  75-85000 psi

6.Electro Galvanized wire:
Steel grade C1006
1.7 mm diameter
Zinc coating 15 gms/m2
On R1000 spools (1 metric ton/spool)
Tensile Strength = 700-800N/mm2

7 Electro galvanized wire 0.52 and 0.54 in 25KG Coil.
Material         :    Electro Galvanized iron wire , Q195
Quality      :    Soft and glossy
Size    :    2.10mm
Tensile strength   :    350 - 500 N/mm2
Zinc coating    :    Min 20 g/m2
Coil ID     :    400-500mm
Packing    :  500kgs coil roll. Export quality good packing

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