1.GLEADER(JINLIDA) is the most professional global supplier of GABION equipments and finished GABION products. It has the longest history of developing , producing and selling the equipment, the strongest technical force and the highest professionalism. We not only have GLD-1 series products, on this basis, we have developed the second generation products GLD-2 series of computer intelligent products with much higher performance than GLD-1. The production speed is 30% higher, the strength of the equipment is 50% higher, the operation performance is more simple, and there is no need to debug in the use process.

2.With customers from hundreds of countries, GLEADER could achieve a large number of SHIPPING OUT (SELLING). So GLEADER could give customers great discounts, customers can buy best products at lowest price.

3.GLEADER(JINLIDA) is also the most professional supplier of finished GABION products in China and international markets. We have the most standardized production base. The machine in the base are all self-supplied so we can find the problem of using these machines during manufacturing process. Therefore, we have the most completed optimization of machine details.

4.GLEADER(JINLIDA) knows the international and domestic GABION product standards best, and proudly participated in the editorial-in-chief of three Chinese industry standards of GABION. Therefore, we understand the needs of customers in different countries best, and can give more guidance to customers in equipment design, truly close to the real needs of customers.

5. GLEADER's(JINLIDA) management is more standardized. Customers'pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services are the most standardized and in place, which can relieve customers of all worries.

6.GLEADER(JINLIDA) is the highly recommendation company of relevant government departments in China, so its quality is guaranteed.

7.GLEADER(JINLIDA) is the first brand of national intellectual property rights in GABION market in China. It has nearly 50 national patents and is a state-recognized high-tech enterprise. The products are certified by CE, SGS,INTERTEK and ISO etc.


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