Why Need Production Line

A. The Production line has been developed, practiced and improved by the Group in the past five years. It is a production line that has passed the test of large-scale production for several centuries.

B. The products produced by the Production line fully meet the relevant industry standards of China, such as ASTM A 975 97, EN10223, CECS 353:2013, YB/T 4190-2018, etc. With the improvement of market awareness, the market demands more and more products. Only standardized products can be accepted by the market, otherwise they can only be phased out gradually.

C. The production efficiency of the production line can be greatly improved. The production capacity is proportional to the speed of the loom. That is to say, as long as the screen products produced by the loom can be made into finished products in real time. A production line solves all the processes of weaving, shearing and edge closing.

D. Minimizing the area occupied by the pipeline does not require a large area of yard to stack meshes and semi-finished products, which greatly saves the area of the plant.

E. Significant savings in the number of workers, from weaving to finished products only need about 8 workers.

F. Reduce workers'labor intensity significantly. Extensive hand-made labor intensity is high, while the intensity of mechanized production is greatly reduced.

G. Reduce the cost of production per unit product. Because of the high production scale, high efficiency and low waste rate, the production cost will be greatly reduced.

GLD Automatic netting straightening & cutting machine

Machine size:60x80/80x100/100x120mm

Max. cutting wire dia:2.0-5.0mm

Working width :4000mm

The machine have PLC control system,

Automatic cutting when reach programed length



GLD Automatic netting transfering system

Machine size:6.5x5.2x1.0m (LxWxH)

machine weight:1.5tons


GLD Netting edgging machine

Working width 4000mm

Mechine size:5.6x0.85x1.15m



Suitable for winding netting of dia 2.5mm to 3mm – GI with selvedge wire from ranging from 3.4 to 4mm. Similarly 2.5/3.5mm to 4/5mm – PVC coated wire netting with selvedge wire ranging from 3.4/4.4mm to 4/5mm.

Twist: - 2 & ½ times.

GLD-1 Gabion packing machine

Maximum packing size: 2000×1060×1000 (unit:mm)
Work pressure:0.3~0.6mPa
Tatol weight: about 1500kg
Exterior size: 2340×1200×3900 (unit:mm)

GLD-2 Gabion packing machine

Maximum packing size: 3000×1060×1000 (unit:mm)
Work pressure:0.3~0.6mPa
Tatol weight: about 1900kg
Exterior size: 3340×1200×3900 (unit:mm)

GLD Selvedge Wire straightening machine

djusting range of wire diameter: 3~5mm, length cutting of wire is adjust within 4.5m.

Moving wire speed: 28m/minute
Total power: 3kw
Exterior size:5000×400×1000 (unit:mm)

Weight: about 300kg

GLD  PVC coating line

Power of dirct-current motor: 4kw
Exterior size of main machine: 2500×60×1600 (unit:mm)   

weight: about 1300kg
Exterior size of wire drawing frame:3800×900×1200 (unit:mm)   

weight: about 1200kg
Exterior size of wire winding machine: 2000×1400×1100 (unit:mm) 

weight: about 600kg
Total power: 55kw.
Exterior size of payoff reel: 1900×450×1000 (unit:mm)

GLD Hog ring making machine

Machine size:1.3x50x1.4m(LxWxH)



Wire diameter:3mm

Double diaphragm gabion mattress making machine

Working width: 2.5m


Machine size:3200mmx3200mmx3600mm

Weight:3 tons

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